'Milky Mook' Justin Long Compliments Movieline's Own Michelle Orange on Her Going the Distance Pan

JustinLongMichelleOrange225.jpgDo you remember reading Movieline's scathing review of Drew Barrymore's recent box office disappointment, Going the Distance? Well, Barrymore's costar Justin Long sure does, and he recited a particularly brutal excerpt from memory during yesterday's episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon after tipping his hat to Movieline critic Michelle Orange.

"The nice [reviews], they're good to hear but you never really internalize them -- it's the bad ones," Long said. "I read one in particular, that -- it was so bad that it set the bar I think for insults for me. I actually kind of appreciate this woman. Michelle Orange, wherever you are, at Movieline. I remember it. I remember the quote, and this is word for word.

"Michelle Orange called me -- and you hear things about yourself and you think you develop a pretty thick skin -- this woman called me, this is word for word, a 'milky affectless mook' -- it keeps going -- 'with unformed features and a kindergartner's haircut on the first day of school.'"

Fortunately, the review inspired Long to get literate. "So I looked up 'mook,' because I had no idea what a mook was," he said. "It sounds weirdly like it could be inappropriate somehow. 'Mook,' according to the Urban Dictionary, is, and I quote, 'an archetypal young male who looks like a moronic bonehead. They are self-centered simpletons of a drunken fratboy lifestyle.' So yeah, it doesn't get worse than that."

Scroll ahead to 24:10 for Long's shout-out and Fallon's admission that sometimes, he likes to go by the pen name "Michelle Orange":