Edgy Family Situations Tackled in Last Night's Parenthood, Including the Birds, the Bees, and Billy Baldwin

The Bravermans -- everyone's favorite upper-middle class TV family who thinks that their problems are the end of the suburban world as they know it -- returned for a second season of Parenthood last night, and the show proved that it is not screwing around in its sophomore year by immediately tackling completely original family issues, like talking to your children about sex. Yes, NBC is going there. Below, Movieline sifts through the luxury sedans and incidents of white angst to identify the four edgiest family situations dealt with in last night's second season premiere, "I Hear You, I See You."

1. Your Gifted, Elementary School-Age Daughter Asks You Whether She Came From a Vagina...in the Middle of a Busy Playground

If you are Joel Graham (Sam Yaeger), you deal with this issue head-on by freezing and trying to distract your curious offspring with ice cream. If you are Julia Braverman-Graham (Erika Christensen), you tell her the truth: "Yes, you came from a vagina. And yes, your whole family came from vaginas." Problem solved, until your daughter runs back to her friends shouting "My whole family came from vaginas." Cue the laugh track. Oh wait, Parenthood doesn't have a laugh track. Awkward!

2. Your Well-Meaning But Disaster-Prone Husband Wants To Fix a Leak at the Family Compound

If you are Camille Braverman (Bonnie Bedelia), you deal with the problem by speed-dialing your very busy adult children and asking them to deal with the situation for you. You obviously have other very important matters to take care of, like polishing your collection of artsy bifocals, reminiscing about your ramshackle marriage built on a foundation of lies, and not finishing all of those paintings you started in attempt to get in touch with the Camille you lost long ago.

3. You Have to Tell Your Autistic Nephew That His Cousin Will Not Be Joining Him For That Sleepover He Carefully Planned With the Help of His Asperger's Aide

Max Braverman (Max Burkholder) had just spent hours carefully counting even numbers of SunChips to place in little white bowls around his room, posting photos of New York City around his room (crease-free, of course) to remind his guest of home. Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard) did his best to gently break the sleepover news to his nephew, but ended up dropping a bomb of Hiroshima proportions on his relative. So many SunChips wasted. Such a shame. Next time, Crosby, discuss the news with Max's aide first.

4. Your Greasy Boss -- Who Wears Mauve Blazers and Is Played By Billy Baldwin -- is (Correctly) Worried That Your Family Is Interfering With Your Job Performance

Most people would do everything in their power to prove their boss's suspicions wrong, but not Adam Braverman (Peter Krause). This renegade invites his hormonal teenage daughter into his office to complain about her mother's (and his wife's) obsessive need to overprotect. And then, when his blazer-wearing boss interrupts this completely inappropriate vent-sesh, he doesn't even try to stop his moody daughter from rolling her eyes and talking back to his superior. That'll show him.