Who Wins This Wicked Duet: Idina Menzel or Michael Kors?


Though Glee showstopper Idina Menzel originated the lead role in Broadway blockbuster Wicked, that really gives her no edge in this Fashion's Night Out duet of "Defying Gravity" with Project Runway headmaster and towering coloratura Michael Kors. He's got the disapproving snarl to woo the Great Wide Way, the black blazer to dazzle even the most curmudgeonly theatergoer, and the topaz complexion to illuminate Times Square for weeks. They're evenly matched -- just see for yourself:

Yeah, Idina was arguably world-class and Michael Kors fumbled with his notes, but I'm going to call his performance a triumph of the human spirit. He did well! And when it comes to haughty upward tilts of the chin, Kors is the master of defying gravity.

Defying Gravity [YouTube]