Today's Most Unlikely Trio: Russell Crowe, RZA, Eli Roth Team Up for The Man with the Iron Fist

crowe_120.jpgBecause retro-grindhouse thrillers are all the rage nowadays -- er, never mind -- Universal gave Wu-Tang Clan founding member RZA $20 million to direct and star in The Man with the Iron Fist. The kung-fu throwback -- from co-writer Eli Roth -- will feature RZA playing a blacksmith in a village in feudal China, which also counts Russell Crowe as one of its denizens. "I won't spoil it for you, but Russell's gonna be the baddest man alive," RZA told E! at the VMAs. "That man is in fighting shape. That man will knock you out." [E!]


  • stolidog says:

    Is this going to be some parody of russel crow's phone throwing ability?

  • tiger tim says:

    STILL ANOTHER franchise slum waste of time
    from the LONG rich, GENUINELY talented Crowe.
    MEANWHILE, Crowe's precious primetime is passing

  • The Winchester says:

    Are you high? This is the greatest movie news I've heard all year!
    (I know RZA and Roth were)