New Supernatural Trailer: Will Season Six Stick?


· Spoilers ahead, but for all you Supernatural fans, it looks like you can rest assured that the CW series's sixth season (which debuts September 24) won't be a dud under the helm of newcomer Sera Gamble. The season's new trailer looks as action-packed, convulsive, and freaky-deeky as ever. And there's even some shirtless exercise for you more lascivious fans. [Zap2It]

· Christina Ricci has a strange (yet alluring) way of promoting her Broadway debut in Donald Margulies's play Time Stands Still -- she says she has no idea what she's doing. Also, she's terrified! [Cinema Blend]

· And the first interview with the Discovery HQ hostages is... famed reporter Oprah Winfrey. [TV Guide]

· Rick Fox is more than 15 inches taller than his Dancing with the Stars partner Cheryl Burke. Wonder if "Leap Frog" or "Piggy Back Ride" is a new dance style this year. [ONTD]

· A giant picture post chronicling Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards proves one thing -- half the "celebrities" in attendance were MTV employees. Definitely an unsavory Situation. [ONTD]


  • HAHAHA says:


  • TurdBlossom says:

    Cue outcry from both Smallville and Supernatural fanatics (all 25 of them) in 5..4..3...

  • Louis Virtel says:

    My CW cred is shot! My mother is going to weep.

  • zooeyglass1999 says:

    I dont watch Smallville but Supernatural is a great show.

  • Williams says:

    Supernatural is one of the best spiritual movie ever, but it's time it come to an end.

  • lori says:

    I love Supernatural and the trailer looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SierraKathleen says:

    Supernatural is my all-time favorite show, I'm simply a fanatic for it!
    Definitely can't wait to see what season 6 stirs up, it's going to be amazing!!

  • Angela says:

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