Is This the Saddest IMDb Profile Ever?

Every star has a few roles they'd love to scrub from their IMDb profiles, but what about someone like Anne Sellors, whose sparse IMDb page only lists a single role -- and it's one of the most embarrassing ever committed to film?


The paltry Sellors profile has suddenly become a fast-rising internet meme based on the strength of her only credit: the role of "woman who urinates herself" in the apocalyptic 1984 docudrama Threads. Enjoy the extent of her acting career in the clip below, and ponder to yourself which is worse -- internet infamy as the woman who peed herself into a scant IMDb profile, or the stunt double who didn't even get credit for the golden trickle-down?

This is the saddest entry on IMDB [Tabloid Prodigy]