Buzz Break: Brian Austin Green Goes Himbo

brian-austin-green-desperate-housewives.jpg· Brian Austin Green's new stint on Desperate Housewives has him sympathizing with the pin-up pressures of his wife, Megan Fox. "I've never played a hunky guy," he confessed to Details. "There was one day when I had to take my shirt off. I must have done 400 push-ups. I feel like I understand the pressure that women go through. I feel, like, all-woman at times." Click through for a closer look at his efforts and more Buzz Break.

· Carey Mulligan has finally confirmed her involvement in the Emma Thompson-penned remake of My Fair Lady.

· How does Rihanna feel about her Battleship costar Alexander Skarsgard? "He's really cool, just laid-back. He doesn't get in the way," she enthused to MTV. "[He's] not very talkative."

· Who wants a brand-new Jane Fonda workout video?

· The True Blood finale was up in the ratings over last year's season ender. People love dead-end werepanther plotlines!


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  • Dana Tyeryar says:

    ahaha Paris is so crazy, made me laugh!