The 20 Most Ridiculous Questions Conan O'Brien Was Asked Today

ConanUpfront.jpgThe November 8 premiere date of Conan O'Brien's new TBS chuckle-fest Conan is approaching, and in preparation, Coco decided to take some questions today from fans who posted to his Facebook page. About 90 percent of the questions consisted of something along the lines of "Who will be your first guest?" but the other 10 percent contained some of the most ridiculous questions that only the internet could provide. After scouring through over 2000 questions, we found 20 favorites -- and yes, let's hope that Conan decides to answer every single one of these.

*Please consider all of these questions SIC'd.

1.) What do you think the world would be like if bacon didn't exist?

2.) Does the carpet match the drapes?

3.) What socks are you wearing right now? I always imagine you wearing striped black and white socks like the wicked witch of the east...

4.) Since moving to TBS, are you afraid Carlos Mencia will steal your jokes?

5.) Conan, i made u a sculpture when u came to toronto. did u ever get it? i gave it to Bley to give to you. all i want is a picture of you holding it. i worked so long and hard on it, dont let me down Coco. 🙂

6.) Should my son and I watch the new show together or will the nasty bear be back?

7.) Have you thought about releasing a cereal?

8.) does it sting when you tinkle?

9.) How long before TBS asks you to change time slots to appease George Lopez?

10.) Dear Conan, I just got 2 tickets for game one of the Reds division series, would you like to go with me?

11.) Do you have a soul?

12.) Will the new show air internationally on CNN? I lie in Europe and really want to see it!!!

13.) What would you say is the ratio of muscle to bone in your legs?

14.) Who clips your toenails?

15.) Is Jeremy Piven the biggest douchebag in Hollywood?

16.) What do you think about Steve Winwood?

17.) Why is your torso so much shorter than your legs?

18.) why does it hurt when i pee?

19.) Dear Conaw- My wife is barren. Can you fix her? If not, WHY? I work at the Sizzler, if that helps.

20.) Why didn't you do porn?


  • Jefe says:

    The Carlos Mencia one is gold.

  • anonimously says:

    As seen on TV, "Doctor OZ"
    Bed Bugs are transmitted trough chairs on Movie Theaters,
    My comment: So Is Stupidity, it reflects from the screen.
    Can any one tell me when have seen an interesting, moving movie, a drama, a comedy. Only freaks, bad comedy (farting is not comedy even so is healthy), non sens subjects.
    Stay Safe! Don't Go to the Movies