Video: Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page Take Crime-Fighting Too Far in New Clip from SUPER

It turns out that we do in fact need another ultraviolent satire of comic book movies. I'm not sure how many people would have argued this before the Toronto Film Festival, but after the buzzed-about midnight premiere of James Gunn's SUPER and the immediate sale that followed, it seems like a pretty safe assumption. Now, those of us who aren't at the festival can get a first look with this new clip from the film.

In it, makeshift superheroes Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page confront a sticky ethical dilemma as they try to decide whether or not a man deserves to die for keying someone's car. Actually for possibly keying someone's car. I can only imagine what awful fates await real thieves and murders in this one.

Warning: The clip contains NSFW language and a possible evil-doer in graphic pain.

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