Watch Eminem Punch Vinny Chase on Entourage

eminem225.jpg· Here's Eminem on the seventh-season finale of Entourage wailing on a poor, drunken Vincent Chase. Did you stop watching a long time ago too? You'll be glad to pick it up again for another three minutes. [YouTube]

· Props to Jezebel for highlighting what has become a pretty great and underrated reality series -- On the Road with Austin and Santino. Austin Scarlett looks like Norman Bates in mother drag, and he is still magnificent six years after his beginnings on Project Runway. [Jezebel]

· Staffers at the BBC are planning, so far, a two-day strike over pension reform in October. At the end of the rally, one unsympathetic exec up will be declared the weakest link. [Variety]

· In other dubious British news, Dominic West and Gillian Anderson will join the Rowan Atkinson sequel Johnny English Reborn. As a member of the fourth estate, it is my job to ask the tough question here: Who dares replace Natalie Imbruglia? [Cinema Blend]

· Season four of Gen Y favorite Boy Meets World will be available on DVD this Dec. 4. Beware: This is right around the year Shawn Hunter gets sulky all the time. [ONTD]