Matt Saracen Dies and 3 Other Revelations From Diablo Cody's Interview with Kyle Chandler

If there are two things that get hearts racing here at Movieline HQ, it's Friday Night Lights and Diablo Cody's Red Band Trailer. So you can only imagine the joy we've taken out of the latest installment of Cody's outstanding web-series, which features her interview with FNL star Kyle Chandler. Ahead, the four biggest revelations from their almost too adorable sit-down. Early spoiler: Unfortunately, you won't see Louis Virtel this time around. Upside: Coach Taylor!

1.) Matt Saracen dies in the Friday Night Lights series finale

Just kidding! Though you have to respect an actor like Chandler who, like so many Friday Night Lights fans, seems to treat the characters on the show like they're real people. Of No. 7: "When [Matt's] up against the odds, when the heart comes out -- he had the talent, but when you mixed it with his heart, it put him over the edge." Agreed, Coach.

2.) Neither executive producer Peter Berg, nor Chandler himself, wanted the actor to play Coach Taylor

And while Chandler later changed his mind and decided he would be perfect for the role, Berg didn't see things his way: "To this day he still says, 'I still didn't want you.'"

3.) Charles Gaius couldn't play football, but Jesse Plemons could

Ironic, isn't it? Gaius was "Smash" Williams, the best player in the history of Dillon, yet according to Chandler, he couldn't play football worth a lick. Meanwhile, Plemons (who plays the always underestimated Landry), is the best player in the cast. Go figure.

4.) Even Coach Taylor thinks Julie Taylor was kinda mean to Matt

"She's a teenager, little girl, got him by the balls, bitch."


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