Another Resident Evil Sequel on the Way, This Time with Your Input

milla_jovavich_resident_evil_afterlife_movie.jpgSince Resident Evil: Afterlife wiped the floor with the box office competition this weekend, it's not a huge surprise that Milla Jovovich confirmed plans for yet another sequel. Only this time, it's going to be an interactive process, with Director Paul W.S. Anderson discussing the project with fans on "twitter and stuff" to get ideas for the movie. No word yet on whether they will take posts like "make a good movie for once" into account. [Vulture]


  • The Winchester says:

    Listen to me, Paul Anderson, if you want this movie to succeed, you need to have the Dreadnought from your Death Race movie just show up in the middle.
    Doesn't matter if it fits into the story (why start now?), because the Dreadnought is the ultimate story device. Things get slow, throw in the dreadnought.
    I only wish other filmmakers would do the same. A Dreadnought would have been most welcome during The Reader.

  • If past comments from the online community taught us anything, the most common "idea" post he'll get is: "You're a fag"

  • In other words, Anderson is going to find out what trolls are. Can't believe he hasn't learned about them before now.

  • Ms. Jovovich needs to get naked in IMAX 3D. I want to come out of the theater and be able to tell my friends, "Dude it was so realistic, I thought her nipples were gonna poke my eyes out! I was happy I had the glasses on for safety!" Plus, to appease the SF geeks, call it Resident Evil: Multipass - INS

  • clarkyboi says:

    i think alice shldnt have lost her powers it didn't make sence considering how fast and strong wesker is no human wld be able to beat him and i was also looking forward to a big finale between alice and wesker

  • Mike Oxafloppin says:

    How about Mr. Anderson dropping his baby's momma, Milla Jovovich, from the storylines and finally giving us Leon S. Kennedy in part 5. I'm tired of seeing Alice in every one of these films.

  • We've already seen her topless in Fifth Element. Trust me, even if she went topless in a 3D movie, you wouldn't notice the added dimension.

  • akasha13 says:

    Big fans of Resident Evil will totally like this. Everyone would love to take part and share their ideas regarding the upcoming movie. Good luck to Mr. Anderson! Hopefully it'll all be constructive suggestions.

  • M says:

    Here's some input anderson, kiss my ass.

  • Jeff Peters says:

    i personaly would like some filler films, mostly based off other games , here's my idea
    the timeline would go like this
    [B]Original RE1 Film[/B] = Prequel to series
    [B]RE1 Based Film[/B] after=better sequel, with Barry,Jill,Chris and Wesker for the most part, the story will be that of RE1 slightly tweaked, the data wesker wants is of the G-virus and Las Plagas, he also trys to kill the STARS Team, explaining on of Wesker's Lines in Afterlife. Jill ,Chris and Barry Escape[rebecca too], wesker traped in Hive, injured by the Lickers that escape. no one believes them at the police station thinking it nonsense, then they fast forword to the time RE2 happens, ending with Alice Escaping [Chris and Barry leave town before this Barry Retires and goes somewhere warm 😀 and Chris goes into hiding],
    [B]RE Apocolypse happens[/B]
    [B]RE Movie Based on Code Veronica[/B]-explaining again why Wesker Hates Chris and Claire, Wesker Again Goes after Las Plagas as he forgets to grab his samples when escaping. but Chris and Claire are seperated, chris to prevent T-Virus Spread and Claire to Protect survivors, this is the time where Alice Escapes after REA [again].
    The Last Two Films Happen

  • David says:

    Your movies are terrible Anderson. I won't give you any of my inputs mister!

  • skunk says: