Friday Box Office: Evil Eyes Number One

resident-evil-review-main.jpgMilla Jovovich's latest installment of shooting at zombies very, very slowly racked up another win as Resident Evil 3D easily dominated a sleepy box office. The dapper gents of Takers and the well-armed hit men of The American tussled over the number two slot while horny travelers and angry Mexicans filled out the rest of the top five. Your Friday Box Office is here.

1. RESIDENT EVIL 3D: $11,000,000(new)

2. TAKERS: $1,700,000 ($44,000,000)

3. THE AMERICAN: $1,700,000 ($25,000,000)

4. GOING THE DISTANCE:$1,300,000 ($10,400,000)

5. MACHETE: $1,300,000 (24,000,000)

[Numbers via Deadline]


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