What's On: Stevie Wonder Fundraises for Cancer. (Isn't He Lovely?)

steviewonder225.jpgWoohoo! Raisin' funds! No, that's not the name of that failed Mark-Paul Gosselaar law drama -- it's what's happening on all the major networks tonight. Click through to learn more about "Stand Up to Cancer" (starring Mr. Stevie Wonder) and how to find your favorite Movieline writer -- hint, I'm a Movieline writer -- on HLN this evening.

Stand Up to Cancer [ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, HBO, Discovery Health, E!, 8 PM]

In this giant fundraiser, Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, and Brian Williams play host to a cavalcade of stars that includes Stevie Wonder and a coterie of fellow performers like Natasha Bedingfield, Queen Latifah, Aaron Neville, Martina McBride, and Dave Stewart. Cancer survivor Fran Drescher will also be in attendance, and you'll notice her voice sounds a lot different than it did 10 years ago. It worries me.

Showbiz Tonight [HLN, 8 PM]

The Brooke Anderson-hosted newscast will feature a discussion on "celebrity Twitter fiascoes." Do take note, because famed Movieline writer Louis Virtel will appear for a few soundbites. He's writing this right now, so don't disappoint him or he'll know.

Flashpoint [CBS, 10 PM]

The team helps locate a girl who is kidnapped from her home shortly after she places a 911 call to report that an intruder is in her house. Grim!

All About Eve [FMC, 8:15 PM]

With the possible exception of Rear Window, this must be the most fabulous film of the 1950s. Bette Davis gives the performance of her career as Margo Channing, an aging actress who ends up befriending a mysterious fan named Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter). While Davis didn't end up winning the Best Actress Oscar -- that went to Born Yesterday's Judy Holliday -- her co-star George Sanders, who plays the quipping Addison DeWitt, did. While his suicide later in life was very sad, it cannot be denied that he left us the drollest suicide note of all time. Which is something!