Saw 3D Trailer: Can 3D Revive a Dying Genre?

The horror genre often likes to segue between bloody kill-em-offs and creepy ghost stories, and it looks like we're in the middle of that transition once again. Just as the slashers inspired by Scream eventually gave way to the J-horror of The Ring, now it seems like the torture porn genre famously led by the Saw series has ceded ground to low-budget haunted house movies like Paranormal Activity. Can Saw 3D stem the tide?

If it worked for the last installment of Final Destination -- a series that's like the junior version of Saw -- then why not? Let's just hope that the actual movie keeps the bracingly cheeseball tone of the following trailer, which ditches Saw's grim theatrics for over-the-top "the 3D is comin' atcha!" moments. At the very least, this series needs to continue giving Lionsgate more opportunities for inscrutable key art.

VERDICT: Not my style, but hey, the trailer wasn't so bad.