Santa Claus is Coming to Kill in the Trailer for Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

And you thought Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters was the craziest idea for a movie ever. The trailer for Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale has popped up online and it does for Santa Claus what Jack Frost did for snowmen, while also finding time to use every single Christmas-related one-liner you could possibly imagine. Sample, said ominously: "Santa is going to find out who's naughty or nice." Is he?

Yes, it sure looks that way. Finnish director Jalmari Helander adapts his own award-winning short films for A Christmas Tale, which basically presents itself as both a spoof and adventure-y horror film with echoes of Raiders of the Lost Ark. On the Russia-Finland border, a shady businessman leads an archeological dig looking for what's revealed to be a buried Santa. Alas, our bizarro Kris Kringle escapes, gets caught by a local man and his children, is put up for sale (!) and then all hell breaks loose. As one character says before a massive explosion that happens seemingly because someone was naughty: "Have a peaceful Christmas and a happy f***ing New Year." Pass the eggnog.

VERDICT: Where's Rudolph?

[via /Film]