Why Yes, Ms. Blankenship Does Still Keep in Touch With The Karate Kid

blankenship_120.jpgAm I the only one who finds the strength to get out of bed every morning simply because Mrs. LaRusso from The Karate Kid is back in our lives? Randee Heller -- who played Daniel's mom in the '80s classic and can currently be seen as Don Draper's new office-affair-repellent-and-racist secretary, Ms. Blankenship, on Mad Men -- spoke to Vulture today and revealed (to the delight of Karate Kid fans the world over) that she's still in contact with her former screen son, Ralph Macchio. "We've been hooking up over e-mails and texting each other ever since the Karate Kid remake," she said. "[I]t's always, 'Hi, mom!' He calls me mom." Aw. [Vulture]