Movieline's Week in Review: The Saddest Music in the World

A short week at Movieline calls for a short Week in Review, so let's just go ahead and jump on in. Tune in this weekend for more coverage of the Toronto Film Festival and, as always, scintillating news and commentary from Dixon Gaines. The rest of the gang will be back Monday. Toodles!

· Thanks to our esteemed interviewees Lee Daniels, Adam Brody, Josh Duhamel (sort of) and Verge designee Keir Gilchrist.

· You know you had a crap week in trailers when Hobo With a Shotgun, Sister Wives and Uwe Boll's Auschwitz lead up the Two-Minute Verdict.

· Do the Emmys have a race problem? We discussed (and discussed).

· The Toronto International Film Festival got underway with a chat with the gang behind It's Kind of a Funny Story, a look at hot titles for sale and a survey of the greatest hockey musical ever to open the fest.

· And let's not forget about Stephanie Zacharek's postcards from the Venice Film Festival.

· It was a quiet holiday week for recaps, with only Big Brother and Warehouse 13 dropping in for review.

· Though we did get a new episode of Mad Men, which yielded a sad, sad Don Draper.

· Even John Travolta needed help getting his wand up.

· Jenny Slate came thisclose to joining the ranks of SNL's one-hit wonders.

· The unsettling Joaquin Phoenix was Still Here. Alas.