First Look: Julie Taymor's Insane Spider-Man Costume Designs

With all this talk about Marc Webb's bigscreen Spider-Man reboot, you may have forgotten that Julie Taymor is still working on her troubled Broadway adaptation of the property, Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark. After seeing her costumes, though, you'll never forget it again.

Taymor showed off the look of the supervillains (which she designed with Eiko Ishioka) today on The Early Show, and they are insane in the very best ways. That guy above is the Green Goblin (no, seriously). The picture below is of Taymor's brand-new villain Swiss Miss, and I can't wait to hear the origin story of how Grace Jones got caught in a radioactive metal shop during a freak lightning storm for that one.


You must, must watch the entire segment, because it is amazing, and if you're anything like me, you will yelp from sheer glee at how insanely gonzo this production is (and may also realize that Julie Taymor is what you get when you mix Kathryn Bigelow, Mary-Louise Parker, and Meredith Viera in a blender -- I'd never noticed before!).

Hear the First Song From Julie Taymor's Spider-Man Broadway Musical; New Info and Costumes Revealed [Slashfilm]


  • doitstyle says:

    The costumes are cool!

  • Rachel says:

    Oh my god.
    Julie, I love you for The Lion King and Across the Universe, but stop now before you put that love to waste.

  • XXXO says:

    Awesome, Lady Gaga took home 8 VMA awards Sunday night. I'm really happy for her success and I love that Born This Way tune she sung also.

  • I still can't get enough of Nsync and BSB after all this time!!!

  • M says:

    WTF Green Goblin? That looks more like a rejected costume idea from the Lion King.. And Swiss Miss? I have no idea why Julie Taymor is destroying the universal appeal of Spider-Man by doing an 'artful' take on it...

  • ANONYMOUS says:

    It reminds me more of the Vulture than the Green Goblin...

  • Rick says:

    Really? Oh Julie - the green one is Meg Mucklebones from that mediocre ancient Tom Cruise fairytale "Darkness" and Chrome Grace Jones? That's what these designs look like. Derivative, predictable, formuleaic, no cutting edge here - just too much money to rub out the creative juices. Whappened? Oh well, Grendel sucked rocks too. Lion King was still a triumph, nobody can take that away from you...

  • MD Edwards says:

    Uhm, you mean Ridley Scott's movie "Legend" in which Tim Curry played the devil, a.k.a "Darkness", Rick? Yes, the green goblin costume here either looks like Meg Mucklebones or Blix, the actual dark green-skinned goblin in the movie, but the movie (mediocre or not) could've been great if only they'd made a few tweaks, starting with someone as the male lead OTHER than crazy Tom Cruise... A visually stunning film - set design AND costume wise - but yes, it definitely seems as if Ms. Taymor "borrowed" from that film for this Green Goblin's costume.
    I just wish they'd call it a wash. The production of this Spiderman play definitely seems cursed, if you ask me. Which no one did, but there it is anyway!

  • Kaylee says:

    Indeed, I went outside and looked up, and was just about fizzing I used to be so thrilled. I try to remember thinking that we’d cracked our “shell” of atmosphere, and were being busily hatching out to the universe. Now I think the ol’ planet needs a cosy….

  • Katherine says:

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