Did Water Balloon-Tossing Justin Bieber Take His CSI Role One Step Too Far?

Viral marketing gone haywire or simply a case of an actor losing himself inside the skin of a character? Yesterday, CBS offered the first living proof of Justin Bieber's acting prowess as a bombing suspect in their all-too-brief promo for the season premiere of CSI. Today, though, comes word that maybe the music superstar took his role as a police-attacking rogue ("I was just gonna scare the cops... not blow them up!") a bit too far.

Reports MTV:

Cops were ready to punish Bieber after a Maryland State Trooper was pelted with a water balloon, courtesy of the "Baby" singer. Bieber retreated to his trailer, while his bodyguard stepped in and handled the situation before it turned into anything serious. The source adds that Bieber had been practicing with the balloons for some time before he hit the officer.

According to WBALTV.com, Bieber had been "horsing around with members of his staff" outside a trailer when "one of the balloons hit a trooper's gun belt and burst, and the other brushed a trooper on the chest but didn't burst."

Maybe he was just trying to scare the cop? Regardless, someone is totally getting grounded for this one. And that someone will probably be the cop.

· Justin Bieber Won't Be Punished for Water-Balloon Incident [MTV via Vulture]


  • LickyDisco says:

    I cannot stand this talentless little fiend. It's sickening how at 16, the entitlement attitude is already fully developed. I read on another site that after his bodyguard got him off the hook, the little twerp tweeted: "Still laughing. GREAT DAY!"

  • Cmon justin thats pretty fun but watch the things u do ...It might get u in big trouble!!

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