The Latest Megamind Trailer Showcases the Comedy Stylings of Brad Pitt

If you wrote off Dreamworks Animation's Megamind as a retread of The Incredibles, the latest trailer for the film probably won't to anything to change your initial opinion. All this thing needs is that rousing Michael Giacchino score and Samuel L. Jackson and it could basically call itself an unofficial sequel to the Oscar-winning Pixar film. So what could potentially separate Megamind from the DVD copy of The Incredibles sitting on your bookcase? Brad Pitt.

Megamind features the voices of Comedy All-Stars like Will Ferrell, David Cross, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill -- note to Hollywood: Please put Ferrell and Cross in a live action movie -- but it's Pitt who gets the biggest laughs here. His cartoon avatar -- the washed out superhero Metro Man -- grows a beard and sings about how he can see through lead (sample lyric: "I have eyes that can see right through lead"). Between that winner and his obvious first act pomposity, it already seems clear that he'll steal this show. Let's hope those initial rumors of Metro Man's early film demise were greatly exaggerated.