What's On: JWOWW Unhinged on Jersey Shore

jwowwnew225.jpgIf you're not in the mood to watch Maggie Q fire glocks at baddies on the Nikita premiere, there's plenty of reality TV magic to go around as JWOWW unleashes the gorilla fury within her on Jersey Shore and Michael Kors unravels a potentially fabulous challenge on Project Runway.

Nikita [CW, 9 PM]

After yesterday's admirable Hellcats premiere, Nikita may disappoint -- but don't expect it to be star Maggie Q's fault. She plays a gun-toting adventurer who wants to exact revenge against the agency that trained her to be an assassin. Explosions, sexy grimaces, and sultry gowns are all necessary in this endeavor.

Jersey Shore [MTV, 10 PM]

Sammi and JWOWW initiate the fight of the century as they pull hair, ignore a braying Angelina, and administer uppercuts to each others' hardened visages. I'm Team WOWW, of course, but I'll appreciate any moment of visible energy from Sammi.

Project Runway [Lifetime, 9 PM]

Who's going home after this week's resortwear challenge? Is it the heretofore unpredictable Casanova? The surly April, who already botched resortwear once? I vote for the insufferable Ivy, even if it means her delicious Iago-Jafar relationship with Gretchen hits the skids.

Jumanji [Encore, 8 PM]

The Citizen Kane of supernatural board game movies starring Bonnie Hunt, Jumanji follows a couple of kids who stumble upon a mythical game, unleash some of its destructive powers, and finish it years later as grownups. Robin Williams plays our main adventurer, and a young Kirsten Dunst plays the rhino-eluding gamer who helps free him.