VIDEO: Can Let Me In Have it Both Ways With Fanboys and Film Snobs Alike?

chloe moritz_let-me-in-1-1.jpgOverture has released another clip for Let Me In, the remake of the artful Swedish vampire film Let the Right One In. Here, it looks like they're trying to win over fans of the original (who are understandably skeptical), while a previously released clip catered to the larger group of Americans who care more about vampire action than foreign films. But can Overture really please everyone?

The latest clip is a quiet scene between Chloe Moretz and Richard Jenkins that captures the somber mood of Tomas Alfredson's original. The previous one? A murder scene set to Blue Oyster Cult. And take the trailer -- it's visually dead-on and even has a number of images from the original film, but it's cut to a fast-paced goth rock number that could just as easily have been in the Resident Evil trailer. It makes sense that Overture is trying to straddle the line: If Matt Reeves's remake stays true to the tone of the original, Overture has to market a movie that's much more slow and meditative (read: borrrring) than mainstream horror fans are used to. But if the original's core fans think that Reeves has turned Alfredson's haunting film into a flashy vampire-craze cash-in, Overture faces backlash from a group of very vocal internet writers and commentators. In these uncertain days of "new media" marketing, you get fired for alienating that group!

So the jury's still out on whether Let Me In will live up to the original or even prove necessary. Hopefully Reeves isn't aiming to please everyone with the film itself. In any case, check out the two clips below and judge for yourself if you can please all the people all the time. Or at least this time.

[via EW Popwatch]