TV Bites: How I Met Jennifer Morrison?

jennifer_morrison_225.jpgAlso in this morning's TV Bites: You will never get away from Jersey Shore... Hal Holbrook becomes The Event... a Lost alum lands on NCIS... and more ahead.

· Specu -- wait for it -- lation. According to EW's Michael Ausiello, former House star Jennifer Morrison is in talks to play a "major new love interest" for Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother this season. Will Morrison's character be the titular mother or just another red herring? Either way, fans should get used to seeing her since the role will be recurring for 13 episodes. Other actresses in talks include Minka Kelly and Jacinda Barrett. [EW]

· Call it the endless summer. MTV has announced that after the second season of Jersey Shore ends on Oct. 21, there will be two additional episodes: a reunion set for Oct. 28 and a behind-the-scenes special, which has not been scheduled just yet. Fist pump! [THR]

· Fox is developing two new dramas. Actress Diane Farr will write, produce and co-star in a relationship show about interracial couples living in the post-Obama South, while Peter Tolan (Rescue Me) will executive producer a medical drama about a burnt-out doctor who goes to work at a local clinic. [Deadline]

· Guest-a-palooza time! Annabella Sciorra will guest star on ABC's new drama, The Whole Truth. [TV Guide]

· The beloved Hal Holbrook is going back to television. He'll guest star on The Event as a shadowy businessman. [NBC]

· Former Lost star Sam Anderson (Bernard!) will appear on an upcoming episode of NCIS. [TV Guide]

· Chuck found yet another '80s icon to add as a guest star: Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, will appear on the Halloween episode. [EW]