Tim and Eric's Awesome Show of Support to Their Sponsors

· Last month, I attended the enjoyably unconventional Nevada City Film Festival, which takes normal film fest tropes and reinvents them for an alternative audience. There's no better example of that than the video below, where fest attendees Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim twist the typical fest interview by vamping wildly for ten solid minutes about the company names on the step-and-repeat behind them (squint, and the clip could have come straight from their cult series Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!).













· THR talks to TV's Top 50 showrunners (which is mostly all of them). [THR]

· Stephen King had indulged in a little bit of fantasy casting for his mega-series The Dark Tower, hoping Angela Bassett will play a part. [EW]

· Does SNL have a "Hoda curse"? [USA Today]

· Maura Tierney opens up about her cancer battle, which at least had the creepy silver lining of introducing onscreen sibling-lovers Lauren Graham and Peter Krause to each other. [People]

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