3 Reasons to Continue to Watch Terriers

terriersnew225.jpgFX's Terriers premiered last night in a fun blitz of crime, whimsy, and Donal Logue's Crazy Heart facial hair. I'll stick around for a few more episodes -- and you should too, gumshoes. Here's why.

1. Donal Logue deserves a successful series.

Grounded for Life veteran Logue regularly plays bedraggled, self-effacing (yet secretly competent) dudes, but as flatfoot Hank Dolworth on Terriers, the actor adds a certain snickering confidence that energizes this procedural rigmarole and feels as unpretentious as an unbuttoned flannel.

2. To vindicate The Good Guys

The ratings-deprived Fox series with Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford never quite took off. For all their prevalence, buddy cop dramedies are an irresistible trope and one that should have made for fun summer fare during a particularly dreary season. With Terriers's Logue and Michael Raymond-James, we're treated to a less spastic version of the Hanks/Whitford dichotomy.

3. It's actually funny.

The laugh-out-loud moments occurred more than sporadically in last night's premiere. When Raymond-James asks Logue why he's not looking his best, Logue replies (with a kind of Galifianakian bite), "Sad news. My Pilates instructor died." Logue's spitfire schlubbiness would feel right at home in a Judd Apatow joint, but for some reason, that brand of cynicism has yet to invade the small screen.