Jay Leno Available For Roadside Assistance (If You Work For Conan O'Brien)

JayLenoRoadside225.jpgIf the following tabloid story is true, it stands to be the best Jay Leno automotive distress tale of the day (yes, even better than the report that Leno's 1907 White Steam Car broke down in front of an Encino Chili's during Labor Day weekend and the Tonight Show host lovingly willed his car back to health with the support of generous anti-Coco passersby). Do you have your grain of salt at the ready? Let's begin.

Take it away, National Enquirer:

Driving toward the Burbank studio where he shoots The Tonight Show, JAY LENO spotted a woman pulled over on the side of the road looking helplessly at a flat tire.

Ex-mechanic/car buff Jay, known for playing Good Samaritan to stalled motorists, stopped and changed the poor thing's tire, and she thanked him profusely - then fretted she'd probably be late for work.

Asked Jay: "Where do you work?" Suddenly looking trapped, the lady blurted: "I'm a production assistant on...the new CONAN O'BRIEN show."

After an awkward pause, Jay said: "Well, tell Conan I'll be watching!" Then off he motored in a snazzy classic jalopy, waving buh-bye!

Was the story planted by Team Leno to wrangle sympathy in time for the November premiere of Conan O'Brien's disappointingly titled show, Conan? Or is Jay Leno really just a normal "ex-mechanic/car buff" who prowls the LA streets in "snazzy classic jalopies" looking for flat tires to change?



  • metroville says:

    I believe it, insofar as I believe that Jay would do absolutely anything to avoid writing jokes.

  • Ernest says:

    See, good guys do finish first. Had Jay asked where the woman worked BEFORE changing the tire then it would be self serving, but he didn't. All the best to you jay and should my car ever break down, I hope you're cruising by!

  • MeTRal says:

    I will let you play my strat if you let me drive you car very carefuly around the block.

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