Chris Colfer Does Not Want to Be the Kristen Stewart of Glee

ChrisColferKristenStewart120.jpgGleeks may be excited for their darling Kurt to date the new jock played by Chord Overstreet, but Chris Colfer is hesitant. "I feel like it's not going to happen because all the girls are going to fall in love with [Overstreet] and they're not going to want to see [him with Kurt]. I don't want to be the guy girls hate. I'm the gay guy the girls love," the Emmy-nominated actor told EW. "I don't want the letters that say, 'Kurt needs to get off our man. Stop kissing our boyfriend'...I don't want to know how Kristen Stewart feels. I don't want to be the Bella of the Glee world." [EW]


  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Oh Chris, don't start worrying what girls think now, that's a road to hell. And anyway, there's no way you could be the Kristen Stewart of Glee. You've got more than one facial expression! So, there's that.

  • pila says:

    Don't worring Chris!You are not a cinema's actor!So therse's no way you could be the Kristen !

  • salwa says:

    why kristen she's ther best actress and the best person in the world she doen't act like the hollywood whores do so stop hating plz be in her place she's perfect i love her a lot

  • Xiaolin says:

    Who would want to be the Kristen Stewart of anything?

  • Lovesie says:

    I'm pretty sure the "get off our man" would be directed at Sam.