Bad Guys Have Cooler Motorcycles Than Captain America in Just-Released Set Photos

New photos from the upcoming Captain America have been released from the film's set in... Britain? What!? So much for patriotism. In any case, it looks like the captain (played here by a stuntman, not the very carefully cast Chris Evans) has his work cut out for him -- while he chokes on exhaust fumes from a bulky military cycle, Red Skull's henchman zip along on sleek bikes that look like they came from the future. Check them out after the jump.




[Daily Mail via Coming Soon]


  • Sheldon says:

    Well the Nazi's did have Hugo Boss designing for them......

  • William Dwyer says:

    "...New photos from the upcoming Captain America have been released from the film’s set in… Britain? What!? So much for patriotism..."
    Well the first thing I guess you didn't research is that Captain America fought the Axis Powers of WWII. That was his purpose, and yes, he DID help that cause in Britain. So it is not that out of the ordinary, instead, it's part of canon.

  • wong says:

    This looks GREAT

  • Remo Williams says:

    My only comment: From the news article - "while he chokes on exhaust fumes from an bulky military cycle..." It is not an bulky, it is a bulky. Poor use of English and who proof read this one?

  • Serge says:

    Well, the Germans may be sleeker, but Cap is riding a Harley and has a Thompson in his front wheel scabbard. Both are icons of retro coolness.

  • Rhatik Darkio says:

    well i know it will be better then the original film thats just common sense so cool

  • Johnny English says:

    You have no room to talk on this one. If you're going to berate someone's writing, you should be sure to type carefully.

  • Angry Monkey says:

    When will Marvel get it.. stop with the Origins and just pick up the story mid stream.. sigh.. Capt. America only go cool after becoming an ice cube...

  • Michael says:

    I kinda disagree with the opinions of this article (unless it was sarcasm). I think that Cap's bike is PERFECT for his character and the story. That's OK with me if his is not as hot-roddin as the lackies. It's more exciting if your hero is a bit of an underdog trying to fight off a horde of evil. With lesser equipment than theirs. If they gave him one of those E.T. rocket-bikes, it just would not work. Especially if this is WWII, as it appears to be set. It's refreshing to see that choice was made -- I always thought that the best Batman or Superman films that could possibly be made would probably need to be set in the 1930s/40s.

  • atlask says:

    well, its not the Nazi Cap will be fighting it will be hydra.