5 Other Necessary Mad Men Tumblrs

blankenship225.jpgFinally, internet memes even a lout like Roger Sterling can get behind. We've mentioned Sad Don Draper and Pete Campbell's Bitchface, two Tumblr accounts devoted to capturing the hilarity of certain Mad Men screenshots, captioning them, and sometimes photoshopping them to reference pop culture. But there's still a slew of Mad Men characters waiting for their chance at viral glory, and we've got five in mind for those who care to develop these sorts of things, along with three scenes each to get them started.


Joan Holloway's Stankface

Joan Holloway is a sassy powerhouse, but she's at her best when she's flashing irritated grimaces at plebeians.

Possible Scenarios

· Joan Holloway casts some stank between verses during her towering rendition of "Freedom" at the Apollo.

· Joan shuts up the Sweathogs with one disapproving glance in an episode of Welcome Back, Kotter.

· Joan stares into a mirror and the room catches fire from a glitch in the time-stank continuum.


Murderous Sally Draper

Don Draper's daughter may be precocious, but as we've explored before in our Mad Men recaps, she's working up a mean patricidal urge.

Possible Scenarios

· Sally stares down a grim Maximilian Schell in Judgment at Nuremberg.

· Sally stands next to lawyer Leslie Abramson while wearing a Menendez Brother suit, claiming she committed the murder in the name of Grandpa Gene.

· Sally ruses offstage to kill her children as the title character in Medea.


Superior Roger Sterling

When Roger gets smug, the entire boardroom knows. And now, so will someone's Tumblr viewership.

Possible Scenarios

· Roger scowls absently while Tiger Woods tries explaining himself.

· Roger could care less for the new "honey" Will brings home on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

· Roger sits at a 7-year-old boy's birthday party and thinks his new Super Soaker is stupid.


Uninterested Betty Draper

Betty's apathy knows no bounds! Go upstairs and bang your head against the wall, internet.

Possible Scenarios

· Betty smokes and looks away as Bowser destroys Sim City to her right.

· Betty grimaces on the phone as a horse gives birth to Jesus in the kitchen.

· Betty groans and thinks about Italy as Don Draper nails Henry behind her.


Befuddled Miss Blankenship

The breakout star of season four isn't the most grounded secretary in the SCDP pool, and her constant confusion is our goldmine.

Possible Scenarios

· Miss Blankenship stares numbly as she steps out on her doorstep to win Publisher's Clearing House.

· Miss Blankenship is slightly discombobulated before giving a tremendous monologue as Eleanor of Aquitaine in The Lion in Winter.

· Miss Blankenship gawks as the cast of Jersey Shore fistpumps around her.