Your First Look at Jennifer Aniston on the Set of Cougar Town

Ever since Courteney Cox announced that she would be executive producing and starring in a new television series, you knew that she would eventually find a part for her fellow Friend Jennifer Aniston. The two actresses recently filmed the season premiere of Cougar Town together, and new photos suggest that the pair's latest onscreen relationship is even more intimate than the bisexual fling their characters shared two years ago on Dirt.

Aniston will guest star in the show's September 22 season two premiere as a therapist named Bonnie who, according to creator Bill Lawrence, is a "kind of a get-too-involved-in-her-life-type of therapist." Photos follow. At least they seem to be having more fun than January Jones.




· Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Together on Cougar Town [x17]


  • Charaze says:

    So, which of them is the manly one? I'm not against bisexuals and same gender relationships but this is kind of awkward. I mean, they've been best friends since F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and if I were in the shoes of any of these women, I'd be really hesitant to even have one intimate scene whether it's just sitting right next to each other.

  • Now, my boys can do the following: Bathe themselves; Dress themselves; Brush their teeth and clean their faces. Back then, I was the one who let things go out of control as I was the one started the yelling and screaming.