Warehouse 13's Relic Roundup: The Agents Attend the Lost School of Time Travel

warehouse_13_recap_090810.jpg"Whatever happened, happened," Daniel Faraday proclaimed about a year and a half ago. Oh, sure, somebody said it before that, but Lost's time-travel maxim is freshest on my mind these days, and especially during last night's Warehouse 13, when Pete and Myka used H.G. Wells's time machine to jump back to 1961 and solve -- but not prevent -- a series of murders. Click through for the time machine specs and our weekly roundup!

Artifact: H.G. Wells's Time Machine

Specifications: Physical time travel is not possible, Helena explains. (She and Myka are on a first-name basis now. Aww.) But no matter! H.G.'s machine is actually more of a "temporal consciousness transfer engine," which lets you inhabit the body of someone from another time, but only for 22 hours and 19 minutes. As it turns out, that's just long enough for Pete and Myka to solve the mystery of our next artifact.

Covetability: High. The thing is, it doesn't matter what its covetability quotient is, because if you're going to use it, you already used it. But regardless of that, it's a pretty cool, low-risk machine. That's ignoring, of course, the last-minute system overload that almost trapped Pete and Myka's consciousness in limbo. (See Artie's distrust of H.G.)

Artifact: Glass knife

Specifications: Get stabbed with this knife and you'll turn to glass -- even with a couple of meddlesome Secret Service agents trying to change the past. Ah, the moral ambiguities of time travel. Rebecca, one of the few warehouse agents not driven mad on the job, commissions the team to find the glass knife. And in true, "whatever happened happened" form, everything snaps into place after Pete gets stabbed and mended, and the duo clears the name of a misunderstood feminist (David Anders).

Covetability: Low.

Artifact: Artie's distrust of H.G.

Specifications: Artie's still latching onto his distrust this week, even after H.G. was made an agent and he saved her life. But a power surge, a well-timed, old-fashioned smack to the time machine, the threat of violence and a, "Hey, kid, you did all right," later, and he's willing to move on -- to Myka's delight.

Covetability: High. He's definitely going to be saying "I told you so" in a couple weeks, don't you think?