Torture Fetishist Katee Sackhoff Joins CSI

KateeSackhoffCSI120.jpgThree years after CBS brass rejected Katie Sackhoff as Jorja Fox's replacement, CSI producers have finally succeeded in casting the 24 alum in a potentially recurring role on the procedural. According to EW, Sackhoff will play "Detective Reed, a smart, tough, and feisty investigator with an acknowledged lack of sensitivity." Sounds like a perfect fit for the actress, who told Movieline about her thrill-seeking nature last spring (she loves being waterboarded, fellas!). Look for Sackhoff's character to appear during sweeps in November. [EW]


  • David Caruso says:

    With a role like this, I think she is about to start making... *puts on sunglasses* some real Star Bucks. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH