Watch an Amazing Race Contestant Slingshot a Watermelon Into Her Own Face

· Yow-ow-ouch. It sounds like a Gallagher stunt gone terribly wrong, but it's even crazier than that: CBS has released a video preview for the new season of The Amazing Race where one unlucky contestant's attempts to fling a watermelon go terribly awry. Clutch your face for dear life. [CBS Twitter]

· Sons of Anarchy trended wildly on Twitter last night, and ratings prove it's off to a strong start in its third season. [TV Guide]

· Frequent Project Runway judge and The City guest-star Diane von Furstenberg helped rename a subway "The Fashion Line" for the duration of New York's fashion week. Now: Will Michael Kors be obligated to take it? [Jezebel]

· Following her Seaside Heights arrest last June, Snooki has been cleaning out pens in a New Jersey zoo. We wish Angelina was in her place, too. [TMZ]


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