Watch Sue Sylvester Zing Mr. Schuester to Diminishing Returns in New Clip from Glee's Season Premiere

lynch_sueclip_225.jpgOMGlee, you guys. In two short weeks, Glee will return to the airwaves with its much-anticipated second season and bring with it a whole new slew of Gleegasms (and other Glee-related wordplay). An earlier promo teased a couple of upcoming moments -- like the cast singing "Empire State of Mind" while dancing with choreography straight out of Ferris Bueller's Day Off -- but this new clip from the season premiere offers fans a chance to see something previously unseen: Jane Lynch saddled with subpar material.

What looks like one of the opening minutes of "Audition" has wound up online and it's...stiff? Stale? Just plain unfunny? The Emmy-winning Lynch is a wizard as Sue Sylvester, but none of the zingers she drops on the blank slate that is Matthew Morrison's Will Schuester register much more than a smirk. No reason to panic just yet, but if this is what Lynch sounds like when she has to make do with less than exceptional writing, the clearly happening Sue-centric Saturday Night Live skit just got a lot less interesting. Watch below.

[via ontd]