TV Bites: YouTube Sensation Bo Burnham Gets an MTV Show, Immediately Shrinks His Audience by Millions

bo_burnham_225.jpgAlso in this morning's TV Bites: CBS wants to be in the Robert Ludlum business... Billy Ray Cyrus becomes an alien hunter... a Scrubs veteran heads to Cougar Town... and more ahead.

· Over 66 million people have watched Bo Burnham videos on YouTube, so it goes to reason that at least one enterprising network executive would take a chance on the 23-year-old comedian/singer/songwriter and give him a show. David Janollari, MTV's exec VP of scripted development, come on down! MTV has ordered a put pilot from the young star that will follow, in Burnham's words, "a kid fresh out of high school who's pursing the new American dream of being a celebrity without having any talent." [Variety]

· What is it with Robert Ludlum this morning? CSI creator Anthony Zuiker is developing Treadstone, a spy drama for CBS based on the CIA black-ops group highlighted in the Jason Bourne series. John Glenn (Eagle Eye) is writing the script. [Deadline]

· Wow: SyFy has ordered a pilot for UFO: Unbelievably Freakin' Obvious, a new reality series that will follow Billy Ray Cyrus and his son, Trace, as they travel around the country to investigate conspiracy theories and paranormal activity. "The existence of paranormal phenomena is something I've always wanted to explore further," Cyrus said. "I hope this series can shine a light on some of the activities we have questioned, and the mysteries that have long inspired us." First episode: So how did "Achy Breaky Heart" become a smash hit? [Variety]

· NBC and Dreamworks Animation are teaming up to bring two animated holiday specials to the Peacock. Scared Shrekless and Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special will air this fall. Charlie Brown, watch your back. [THR]

· Scrubs reunion! Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence has hired former Scrubs co-star Ken Jenkins (Dr. Kelso) to play Courteney Cox's father. [EW]


  • The Winchester says:

    I realize the need within my own personal sphere of relevance, but why must DreamWorks constantly find new ways to substitute "Shit" with "Shrek"?