The Trailer for TLC's Polygamist Series Sister Wives: Yep, This Exists

sisterwives_225.jpgCall it Big Love with regular people. TLC has unveiled a promo for their sure-to-be controversial polygamy based reality series, Sister Wives, and it's guaranteed to make you long for the simple pleasures of watching Jon and Kate exploit their children and destroy their marriage.

The seven-part series focuses on advertising executive Kody Brown and his three "wives," Meri, Janelle and Christine (Brown gets around the whole "polygamy isn't legal" thing by being officially married to only one of the women). Things are just as normal as can be expected in a "plural family" with thirteen children and a potential fourth wife on the way. As Brown himself told presumably horrified members of the press during the TCA tour this summer, "This is a story that needs to be told." I'm going to respectfully disagree with you there, Kody. Where is Bill Paxton when you need him?

VERDICT: God only knows.


  • morgan says:

    I'm not pro-polygamy either, but you have to admit, this does look interesting!

  • MM says:

    Now, I'd argue whether or not HIS story needs to be told, but I think we definitely should rethink how we see marriage and overall "monogamy"--you know, become more open to new ideas as it were.
    I think the only problem I have with most polygamist marriages is that it usually involves a man having multiple wives. Not once have I heard of a woman having multiple husbands. Now THAT'S a show I'd like to see--a woman dealing with a whole assortment of men. It would definitely be a refreshing take on our traditional views of polygamy.

  • metroville says:

    Meow.. Does she have a si--
    Oh, right.

  • Mandy says:

    Well...The only problem I have with Polygamy is that 90% of the time you hear of them, it is one of those compounds that they are FORCING underage girls to marry men that are old enought to be their grandfathers. As long as the family can support their own and the underage children are treated right and respected as all underage children should be I have no problem with Polygamy. If you and your wife/wives are happy why should it matter how you live? Just dont force the children into anything and let them grow up and be kids and that is all that should matter! Ok, this is just my opinion!