Saturday Night Live's New Black Cast Member Won't Wrest Obama Duty From Fred Armisen

armisen_snl_obama_225.jpgOne more year! One more year! According to the New York Times, Fred Armisen will retain his status as in-house Barack Obama imitator on Saturday Night Live this season, despite the presence of newly hired African-American comedian (and possibly superior Obama impersonator) Jay Pharoah. Below, compare the two impressions and also find out which former cast member will host the season premiere on Sept. 25.

Here's Armisen's Obama...

...and here's Pharoah's:

Time to play Lorne Michaels from the comfort of your own desk: Who would you chose?

In other Saturday Night Live news: former SNL star Amy Poehler will host the premiere with musical guest Katy Perry. Meanwhile, the Times confirms that Jenny Slate will not return for a second season. Boo! Sorry Lorne, I don't f***ing love you for that one.

· 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Adds Four and Loses One More [NYT/ArtsBeat]


  • Wow. Armisen's impression is weak tea, and this new cast member's stuff is even worse. And when are comics gonna lose the 'he's so smart' shtick for the president? Nothing funny about it ... and not much in the way of accuracy, either given the current state of the country.

  • Bailey says:

    Yes, yes, Lorne. Yes, keep the white guy doing Obama in blackface. Good call.
    Oh, and fire Jenny Slate and just keeping putting Wiig in every sketch. Excellent!

  • snarkymark says:

    I guess he's taking a page from his girlfriend Elizabeth Moss's character on Mad Men and using his passive-aggressive behavior speak for him. The new guy has a way better Obama. But, Fred doesn't have much left in the tank for this his -- hopefully -- final year.

  • Mark C says:

    I'd choose Fred Armisen. It's not even close. Obama doesn't speak with his head held at a 45 degree angle, nor does he grab at his crotch as he speaks.

  • Mark C says:

    You're an idiot.

  • Tom says:

    There's no contest, the new guy Pharoah has the voice down perfectly and he looks just like him. If he stood up straight, looked into the camera and got the mannerisms down he would be perfect. Armisen is one of the least accurate Presidential impersonations SNL has ever had. It's like Chevy as Gerald Ford except not at all funny.