Jenny Slate Is Lowered onto the SNL Chopping Block

JennySlateFireThumb.jpgCasting changes are apparently not yet complete for Saturday Night Live's 36th season, alleges Deadline this morning. The current cast member whose fate hangs in the balance is reportedly Jenny Slate, the Brooklyn comedian best known for her Hoda Kotb impression, Tina-Tina Cheneuse sketches, and accidental use of an expletive during her first season. Second-generation cast member Abby Elliott is supposedly being asked to return for another season after her fate also hung in "serious jeopardy." [Deadline]


  • m says:

    Not so much an "accidental" use when that skit forced everyone to constantly use a word similar to f*** over and over again for comedic use. I remember reading a thread where people were talking about how this incident could be used to fire her, and looky here...

  • McSnarkster says:

    Wait, they're getting rid of someone who's pretty consistently funny? How come-- is that too far off from the show's usual direction?

  • Jason Dean says:

    Losing Will Forte is much more serious than this. He was a consistent performer, but a much stronger and stranger writer. Without him, SNL will lose many of the out-there and off-beat sketches. I fear for an unbalanced season full of newbies and topical-only skits. I say get rid of both Jenny Slate and Pedard and bring back Michaela Watkins dammit!

  • Chuck says:

    Good. Jenny Slate was terrible. What's really sad is that they got rid of Michaela Watkins to make room for her.
    I can't believe that they decided to keep Abby Elliot, she's terrible as well. What, Lorne can't find any women funnier than her that would like to be on the show? Come to think of it, that goes for most of the SNL cast. How is Kenan Thompson still on the show when he's demonstrated for seven years that he has absolutely no talent? (Well...maybe that was a bit harsh...he clearly has a talent to play himself in every sketch, and the talent to bust out laughing instead of staying "in character"). Bobby Moynihan is terrible. Seth Meyers is terrible, and, since he's the head writer, that explains a lot of the skits. I could go on, but what's the point?
    Lorne always gets kudos for running SNL, but the truth is that there have been islands of goodness in a sea of, crap. The truth is that Lorne really doesn't have a freaking clue on how to run a good show, he just gets lucky sometimes.