James Franco's Saturday Night Live Documentary Gets Distributor, Release Date

franco_snl_120.jpgBriefly mentioned at the top of THR's, um, enlightening interview with James Franco -- "I do masturbate a lot," offers the 127 Hours star -- is news that his Saturday Night Live documentary, Saturday Night, has found a distributor. Franco says Oscilloscope has bought the film with eyes toward a limited February release. Having been one of the hundreds turned away from the Tribeca screening this past May, consider me quite excited. [THR/Risky Business]


  • TurdBlossom says:

    I'm amazed James finds the time to film anything. Between going to school and habitually masturbating, you'd think his days would be full.

  • Bronson says:

    He just puts one of his hats on a body pillow and sticks it in a chair wherever he can't be. He's prob like this one guy in our house who schedules time on outlook for masturbation. Except James Franco probs wouldn't care if he accidentally left it viewable to everyone else in the house. Like someone I know...