David Letterman Still Gets Asked to Host the Oscars

david-letterman-oscars.jpgDavid Letterman's 1995 stint as host of the Academy Awards may go down in infamy, but during a very winning visit to The View this morning, Letterman revealed that he turned down the chance for a re-do. "You know, they were nice enough to ask me to [host] it again," he told Barbara Walters. "And I just said, 'Come on, are you drinking?'" Letterman was adamant that he would never return to the scene of the crime: "I did it once, I had my shot, I screwed it up, and almost put an end to the Academy Awards...I sucked. What are you gonna do?"


  • The Pope says:

    What about Jay hosting? Doubt it. Oscar would only end up like Coco.

  • Spencer Dean Welch II says:

    Actually Dave is really very self-deprecating, and he did an awesome job.
    Hence the AAMPAS (?) asking him to do it again, he was Ricky Gervais-irreverent, puckish, and very funny.
    Leno on the other hand would carefully choose his jokes as not to offend potential "pluggers" to his "white bread" M.O.R. snorefest.
    I could see Conan or Jimmy (either) doing it as well.
    Oprah, Uma, Uma, Oprah, have you met Keanu?