Hermione Granger Was Right: Twilight Is All About The Sex

twilight_edward_bella_on bed_500.jpgAs we mentioned the other day, erstwhile witch and current Brown University matriculant Emma Watson was speaking to Brit mag Empire and bubbling on about her forthcoming kiss with Rupert Grint in the last volume of the Harry Potter movies when she gave a backhanded slam to everyone's favorite dishwater dull vamp couple, Bella & Edward. But what did she mean exactly? Let's unpack it.

Quoth Ms. Watson:

This kiss between Hermione and Ron is highly anticipated, it's been building up for eight films now. And Harry Potter is not Twilight, you know; we're not selling sex.

Ooh, burn! And also, Confusing! Because aren't Bella and Edward the most famous chaste couple this side of Tom and Katie Holmes? Any tension in their tepid coupling comes from Bella begging Edward to pork her brains out and Edward steadfastly refusing.

But I think I know what Emma means. Just because there's no hot 'n heavy humping on the screen doesn't mean that sex isn't the sole focus.The whole point to the Twilight tetralogy is just what I said before -- Bella wants sex / vampirism, Edward either refuses outright or kicks it down the road. That's it. There's no up and down or further maturation between the characters as with Ron and Hermione -- they're childhood chums! They can't stand each other! They have secret crushes! They finally act on their long-held desires!

There's nothing really like that in the Twilight world. Bella and Edward nominally can't stand each other for about 15 minutes in the first movie and then they devolve into a wet blanket schmoop-a-thon, and the rest of the "saga" just becomes a waiting game of when they're going to have sullen, cow-eyed sex, I guess at some point Taylor Lautner does some sit-ups and Dakota Fanning shows up for a second, but, really that's it. The whole thing comes to a, er, climax once the two consummate their undead union. Twilight is all about sex, but more about the fetishization of the first time and the odd pleasure you get in denying yourself pleasure.

So, be brave up there in Providence, Emma! Keep speaking truth to power and beware any maniacal-eyed tweens or vengeful Twilight moms with puff-paint on their sweatshirts and murder in their eyes.

· Emma Watson: Harry Potter is not Twilight [Empire]


  • TurdBlossom says:

    Cue countdown for attack by outraged Twi-hards in 5...4..3...

  • AJ says:

    Yes, Twilight is about sex, but also love and commitment. Things that appear to be lacking in a lot of relationships now-a-days. Get and keep proscective, Twilight is a work of fiction after all but does send sound some messages.

  • Carol says:

    Emma Watson is correct. Badly written books about a girl who'se only interested in pining away for the "bad" boy, the unsuitable one and doesn't do much beyond that. Noy interested in school, friends, clothes, family, college, future sports, chorus, computer etc. Just a boy, well vampire. She exhibits no focus other than being with him. Losing herself ie virignity to this person. Regardless of consquences. Yuck.

  • stacy says:

    oh, twilight is all about commitment? SO THATS why edward abandoned bella in new moon. oh, now i understand.

  • Jeeeeeh says:

    lol at the hypocrite twihards, its clear that twilight is pretty much an almost NC17/mature badly written fanfic, emma knows what she is talking about, twilight is not about love, bella has an obsession for edward, he makes he horny and all what she wants is pretty much beg him to fuk her, why do you think twilight has so many fangirls? because they like to get wet imagining what a vampire like edward would do to then in bed.

  • Andrew says:

    Yes, send sound messages about how women are worthless without obsessive and borderline abusive men and that without a man in their life they should fling themselves off cliffs.
    Proscective indeed

  • chris says:

    So, sex is bad. Is that what Hermione is trying to say. Duh, Twilight is selling sex. She may be smart enough to go to Brown but really dumb otherwise.

  • Trace says:

    Twilight doesn't use sex for any sort of worthwhile artistic purpose the Way Harry Potter uses kissing. It's an audience manipulation strategy: see hot young couples get all hot an bothered. There's nothing else to it, which explains why many fans didn't like Breaking Dawn: because after chapter 2 (when they FiNaLLY get it on), the thrill is gone an the rest of the book is Jacob whining about how lonely he is and there's an LOL-worthy baby on the way.

  • Terex007 says:

    Only boys who defended Emma has low sexual interest and are against Twilight. Man-against a-Man ego. In other words Dorks and Nerds who likes to read in the midst of fantasy and fiction! Who doesn't like to watch love and passion? You might be hypocrite if you don't think so? That's only where fantasy becomes real for love that scarcely found in reality! And your arguing that Harry Potter is realistic? When and how? On a piece of broom and stick and casting magic wands? Hermionnes character there is cold and classy doesn't match the interest of her age. She still childish, not smart. A smart person is careful of what she's saying not to trumple her old fellow co-star. Its pretty obvious that she's envious that she might be outrun with her billing. Only the franchise of Harry Potter is popular but not Emma. She's not interesting. Even more intimidating!

  • Daniilove says:

    Harry Potter's casts were "chums" and their kiss should only dwell with childish innocense and awe. Twilight is a mature love story therefore they're expected not just simply stare at each other and peck like Chickens on the pen. If Emma should comment, she should do it politely and not drawing down the reputation of Twilight and pretending like a truly wholesome Star. She quoted like this, " We don't sell sex like Twilight". Pretty obvious how she reacted that way! Why? Is she afraid of how the Twilight will drag their movie into billing? I will not argue that Harry Potter is a good literary piece but why would she comment like that? So, we're also entitled to our own opinion that she's too pretty jealous! As in overly jealous!!!

  • Set aside time everyday for each other to unwind - this is important that each get time for him / herself, with no disturbance. Moreover, since my parents love to be with my boys so much, I would leave them to sleep over at grandparents place quite often.

  • Emmy007 says:

    Excuse me Carol, Abstinence was vastly emphasized in the scene. And Edward left Bella to protect her. Nothing is more greater than a love than to risk your own life for someone you love. And enumerating various hobbies of activities of Edward and Bella in the film is unnecesary anymore just to have a PERSONALITY. Its understandable to complicate things further with their leisure and hobbies because Twilight doesn't mainly focused in Schools like Harry Potter engaging in Academic stuff. Don't compare Twilight with kiddy stuff because it will only make the film run lousy and uninteresting. Both Twilight and HP has their own plot, character and class. What we argue about is, Emma watson compared the two films. If she want to promote their own movie, promote it without ditching the other! What is she trying to prove about? Is she tryng to convey that HP cannot be affected by the fame of Twilight thats why she's releasing unlikely comment? She's quoted saying. "We're not selling sex like Twilight". Why just mention the release of her own movie? She can say something nice to Twilight if she can't help mentioning about it. Emma Watson's personality is pretty obvious. She cannot even grasps my liking for her unlike with her fellow co-stars Dannielle and Ron that is so adorable. She's a bit of a SNOBBISH and INSECURE. I don't care if she's filthy rich. You're being respected on how you regard others respect! Not money and status. I thought she's smart? It only shows now how she is being threatened by Rob. Twilight is not that big compared to HP that had released series of movies already. But its deadly undeniable that its the most famous film now! It will not live like HP does, but its phenomenon is clear that its the most popular hit around the globe. And Emma is a bit ill about it because she will just be playing Hermionne forever. She has no potentials like Rob. Good that R-Patz has already moved on trying to find his own place. Unlike Emma stucked in fantasy-fiction! Sucks!

  • amy says:

    Can I just take a second to laugh at the fan war going on here? Okay, moment over, but as someone who has read EVERY SINGLE BOOK from BOTH SERIES, here is my opinion.
    Twilight is not the best written story. However, it isn't written to be a literary masterpiece or to use great vocab or have an Inception-like plot. It is a lovestory between a girl and a "beast". It isn't a completely healthy relationship, because Bella is falling in love with death, figuratively. But it's about love and the hardships and growing up. Bells is the normal teen, where she wants everything now, and as the series develops, she grows up a little bit.
    No, I won't say the relationship is healthy nor is Edward the perfect man, but it is fiction and some times, we just want the self insert character to get the pretty guy at the end of the day. But relationship, and thus sex, is at the core of the plot.
    On the other hand, Harry Potter was a game changing series for the fantasy kids, but I can argue that it wasn't the best written series either. Rowling has had her not-so-great moments (Booke 5 anyone?) too. But at the center of her story wasn't a relationship, those were side plots. So of course the kiss between Ron and Hermione is going to be different. It's a side moment to the big fight between Harry and Voldemort. When I got to that point of book 7, I skimmed the kiss to figure out what would happen to Harry. That is just how the plot was written.
    The two series target different groups and sell different things. So, don't compare the two without looking at the facts. Harry Potter is about adventure and action and magic, while Twilight is about a romance and vampires. The only things they have in common are that they are young adult books with fantasy elements that have millions of copies worldwide. That's it.
    Stop this absurd comparison because in all honesty, I wouldn't sell either series to a child under the age of fourteen.