Drive-In Theater Playing The Last Exorcism Erupts In Flames

Tulsa, OK drive-in theater, the Admiral Twin, burnt to a crisp yesterday while featuring a double-bill of The Last Exorcism and Predators. Fire officials have no leads yet as to what caused the renowned landmark, built in 1951, to razed by the damnable fires of perdition, but some think that dark forces may be at work. Which I don't think is possible because not eight miles away, a theater playing Eat, Pray, Love is still recounting its unholy tale. More of the cindery remains of the Admiral after the break.




· Movie Theater Playing 'Last Exorcism' Burns Down [TMZ]


  • TurdBlossom says:

    I think it was suicide. The theatre heard about Eli Roth and Peaches Geldolf and just coudn't take it any more.

  • The Winchester says:

    You may go ahead and blame it on the devil, but lest ye forget, Predators have invisibility technology, and after this last movie, a grudge against Adrien Brody.

  • Joel Reinoehl says:

    Did anyone notice the time of day this happened? It was day and not night. I guess the light prevails!

  • Dan Harper says:

    are they going to rebuild it?

  • Rhatik Darkio says:

    the power of Christ compels you! the power of Christ compels you!
    anybody notice the sign says
    ''the last exorcism plays predators''

  • marius says:

    I have read that who ever was working at the movie...a big deal of the team died ...begining with Exorcist 1,2,3... I"ve heard they filmed at night used real human bones and filmed on some real grave sites. You dont"t play with that let me tell you...

  • gary curran says:

    These photos look like real movie footage ,like the aftermath of an exorcism gone wrong WOW

  • casting couch says:

    That first photo needs Leo strutting down the road.

  • jondoh says:

    It was probably some local religious nut who got pissed off at the blasphemy on display and decided to do 'The Lord's work'!
    Still, anybody who burns down a drive-in automatically goes to hell, so what's the point?
    Unless it was the Devil him(her)self! In which case it wouldn't have anything to lose...yeah, that's the most logical explanation! ;)

  • Me says:

    You says :
    anybody notice the sign says
    ''the last exorcism plays predators''
    It's not PLAYS but PLUS.

  • Drazonix says:

    I was driving past this drive-in when I saw it burning. Let me tell ya, I felt a rush of evil rushing through my bones while this was happening! Oh, and then I saw a demon rush through the woods! This is terrible news.

  • EVIL says:


  • charlotte says:

    it says The Last Exorcism Plus Predators, doesn't it?

  • Bronson says:

    Karl, I'm telling you, things like that (Eli & Peaches) make me not want to know anything about the personal lives of the creatives whose work I admire.

  • Yes, they are rich and they can spend THEIR money the way they see fit. Incase you are not aware they do give back. They do not keep all their and look down on the little people.

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