What's On: Fraternal Fire on Flashpoint

flashpoint225.jpgThe rough-and-tumble attractiveness of Hugh Dillon boils over tonight on Flashpoint. What's provoking the fire behind those baby blues this week? Roll through to see.

Flashpoint [CBS, 10 PM]

When a gunfight breaks out in a hoity-toity neighborhood, the team encounters a crew of gunmen that includes Ed's brother. For shame, y'all.

The Soup [E!, 10 PM]

How long can Joel McHale continue fronting this fabulous evisceration of the week's best reality and talk show clips? I need a chorus of angels to answer, "Forever," but I fear they're laughing their asses off at Community right now.

20/20 [ABC, 10 PM]

A 2006 Nebraska murder investigation turns up two sets of suspects and two confessions. You won't have this much fun revisiting Nebraska slayings since the last time you gave a Bruce Springsteen concept album a listen.

Chinatown [Cinemax, 10 PM]

Roman Polanski's highly atmospheric L.A. story of a hard-bitten detective (Jack Nicholson) and the mysterious woman whose past he comes to investigate (Faye Dunaway) touches on notes of intrigue, suspicion, and the grotesque. Look for Roman himself as the hoodlum who gets into a brawl with Nicholson early on.