TV Bites: Jennifer Lopez Inching Slightly Closer to Becoming Your Next American Idol Judge

jennifer_lopez_225.jpgAlso in this morning's TV Bites: ABC goes swimming in The River with the guys behind Paranormal Activity... McG looks to bring I, PI to a network home... CBS hooks up with Terrible Dater... and more ahead.

· Jennifer Lopez. American Idol. "Final stages of negotiations." Fin. [TMZ]

· Not to start the hype machine too early, but get excited for The River. ABC is on the cusp of winning a fierce bidding war with NBC for the rights to the creepy-sounding thriller from Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli. The series would follow the friends and crew of a famed adventurer/TV personality as they go looking for their lost fearless leader deep in the heart of the Amazon. As long as they cast Matthew Fox as the "missing" -- read: insane and villainous and totally still alive -- adventurer, I'm there. [Deadline]

· Speaking of cool projects at ABC... McG and Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring are teaming up for I, PI. The series would follow a P.I. who takes all his cues from classic television private investigators like Magnum and Columbo. So it's like Chuck mixed with Fletch? Adam Brody, keep your cell phone on this weekend. [Variety]

· CBS is developing a sitcom based on the unreleased book The True Adventures of a Terrible Dater, which is due out later this year. This sitcom is different from all the other relationship-based sitcoms that CBS has produced over the last decade because it takes place in Chicago. [Variety]

· Happy times for Jimmy Fallon: NBC has finally secured the rights for "Born to Run" from Bruce Springsteen, meaning Fallon's fantastic Emmy opening is available on What's that thing people say in situations like this? Oh, right: Too little, too late. [Variety]