Project Runway Castoff Peach Carr Talks to Movieline About the Contestant Who 'Broke Her Spirit'

peachcarr225.jpgPeach Carr, the Project Runway contestant eliminated in last night's episode, was the eldest and funniest member of the season eight cast, so it's disheartening to hear that one of her fellow competitors said something disparaging about her personal life that "broke her spirit" before the bridesmaid challenge. Carr talked to us this morning about her fabric choices, her friendship with April, and the remark that left her brokenhearted.

You were one of the few standout characters who stayed away from the workroom drama this year. Were you conscious of that during the competition?

Yes, I was. I really was. I went into this hoping to try as hard as I could to separate the drama from the design.

You've declared yourself a fanatic of the show. What was it like, at least initially, to experience what you'd watched religiously for so long?

It was completely overwhelming and very surreal to have that first moment -- I mean, getting there was one thing, but [then there was] that first moment of standing there in Lincoln Center and meeting everyone for the first time. And here comes Heidi and Tim, and the cameras are there. I really thought that all the blood was going to drain out of my upper torso and I was going to fall over. It was really overwhelming to be standing there.

Were you intimidated by your fellow designers?

No, I was not intimidated, though I will tell you honestly, when that first challenge hit and Heidi told everyone to hand their item to the person to their right -- when I was standing there with that scarf from Michael Drummond and hearing how many hours we had for the challenge -- the first thought in my mind was "If I turn and run, there are 16 other people standing here and maybe they won't notice I'm gone."

Your friendship with April was sweet. Can you describe how you came to be good friends?

It was almost instantaneous friendship and kinship with April. She was in back of me in the workroom, so that first challenge, I couldn't tell you anything that was going on because my hands were shaking and I needed to analyze what was going on, and I didn't get to know anybody. When we went to our apartment, April, Kristin, and I started talking, April and I realized we kind of are the same person separated by a mirror and 20-some years -- actually, almost 30 years. It was an instant friendship, and I will love her forever. I so believe her in talent, her morals, and she's such a stand-up girl. I called her "Ape Dog," and she called me "Gangster Face."

Early on in last night's episode you declared that you'd be in the bottom. What led you to believe that?

I had had an interesting or unfortunate exchange with another contestant just before this challenge came. It was one of those things where my eyes opened up and I said, "Wow. There are people here who really would do anything to win." It was one of those things where my spirit was kind of broken. Going into this, I was pretty doggone sure that I was... I was just brokenhearted a bit. That kind of derailed me a little. I'm getting, of course, behind myself! What was the question?

Oh, well -- I was asking why you were sure of your poor performance so early in the show last night.

It was just bad choices. I made an unfortunate fabric choice at Mood and when I went to cut my pattern, I slipped the front to the back and I cut a seam right down the front of that skirt. So I had to make the front the back and the back the front. I had a beautiful girl [model], she was really curvy and had a woman's figure. It was just never going to work the minute I did that skirt. I was done the minute I sliced the pattern.

Without mentioning who said what, can you talk more about what was said before the challenge that got under your skin?

There was a little personal [remark] that mentioned my family. So that was kind of jarring and kind of... it just wasn't what anyone else there was about. It was just an exchange that didn't need to happen. I will tell you, for the most part, I love these people, so when some unkind words came out, I was a little shocked and I just let it get to me. It's fine, and it's just an exchange, but you're missing your family and everyone is missing their family. So going into the challenge, I was a little down. And like I said, I cut that beautiful green fake satin and I was done. I said, "Oh, what did I do?" You saw me ask Mondo, "I can't put a seam down the front, can I?" And he said, "I wouldn't." And when I made that fabric selection, I knew I was finished. But to stand there and say it wasn't fair that I went home or that I shouldn't have gone home, I mean of course I should have! I smeared guacamole all over that girl. I did not pretend for one second that this was OK.

Lastly: Who do you want to win?

There's three. If I were to say, "Give it to one of these three people," I would say Mondo, Andy, April. Those are three people that I think, hands down, should be in that finale. If any of those three won, I'd be so pleased. They're three amazing human beings and even more amazing designers.


  • Anita Mann says:

    Great interview with Peach. So sorry she left the show, but agree that it was a baaaad dress. Her humor and attitude were seemingly unflappable and I'm pissed on her behalf at whoever made a dig at her that got her so flustered. Tim clearly loved having another adult to talk with amid all those nasty children. Best wishes Peach!

  • Big Jack White Fan!, he's a great guitar player and does a lot with a little (if that makes sense). I feel he really loves what he does, which shows in how many projects he takes on at once.

  • Gangsta Luv says:

    Wow, Lady Gaga got 8 VMA awards yesterday night. I'm definitely happy for her achievements and I enjoyed the Born This Way tune Lady GaGa belted too!