Pixar's Abandoned Newt: Mourning the Adorable Potential


· Because Pixar ditched Newt -- its CGI project about the last two living blue-footed newts on Earth -- for ventures like Cars 2 and Monsters Inc 2, we're left to pore over pictures of abandoned amphibians and wonder what could've been (worth $400 million). Have a look. [Cinema Blend]



· Guess who hates MasterChef? Professional things-hater Anthony Bourdain! [THR]

· CSI creator Anthony Zuiker is adapting a Robert Ludlum book series -- an offshoot of the Jason Bourne saga -- as a CBS spy series called Treadstone. [Deadline]

· Big Brother's newest evictee Ragan has some choice words for Rachel -- namely "I hate her." [Zap2It]

· And finally: How hard will you fight for a "Restore Truthiness" campaign? [ONTD]


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