Movieline's Week in Review: Summer, We Hardly Knew Ye

Actually, we did. We knew you a little too well, in fact, and the sooner you can step aside and let a real season make its entrance the better. Thanks for everything, though, including the last week in dazzling, dizzying cultural heights as chronicled at Movieline. Recount them here, and please do keep Dixon Gaines company in the days ahead as he spins all your weekend favorites. Have a great holiday!

· The Emmys went off without a hitch! Well, unless you count January Jones's style choices, Sofia Vergara's broken promises, incomplete death montages, bizarre upsets and Jon Hamm's metapartying. Everything else was great.

· Another illustrious week of interviews featured Jimmy Fallon, Tim Gunn, Lee Daniels, Cheryl Hines, Zander Eckhouse, Carrie Preston and Verge designee Odette Yustman.

· Fresh new collectibles included True Blood figurines and commemorative Harvey Weinstein "It's a Girl" cigars.

· Dancing With the Stars found its "stars" -- and we got out the crystal ball.

· Because why not: A Marxist played arbitrator in the fierce battle between mortal 3D enemies James Cameron and Piranha producer Mark Canton.

· Recaps! We got recaps, including Mad Men, True Blood, Jersey Shore, Big Brother, and Warehouse 13.

· Of all the superheroes featured here this week, none performed quite as honorably under pressure as Louis Virtel.

· Stephanie Zacharek hit the Venice Film Festival. So far, so good! (Mostly.) Stay tuned here this weekend for more.