Jason Sudeikis Helps Explain the Mad Men-Saturday Night Live Love Fest

sudekis_jones_120.jpgLiz Lemon and Don Draper. Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss. Jason Sudeikis and January Jones. What's going on with the casts of Saturday Night Live and Mad Men? During an interview with Vanity Fair, Sudeikis describes the bizarre and growing connection thusly: "It's just a mess. It's like an orgy made in Entertainment Weekly heaven. [...] What's that old phrase? Something makes strange bedfellows? With our two casts, you could substitute the word 'drinking.' The SNL cast can party with the Mad Men cast in a mutual fashion." Paging Kiernan Shipka. [Vanity Fair]


  • The Winchester says:

    It's because the Mad Men-Mad TV pairings were too damn confusing.
    Especially when John Madden would drop by.