Hollywood Ink: Liam Neeson Goes Grey Again for Joe Carnahan

liamneeson_225.jpgAlso in this morning's Hollywood Ink: Jamie Bell is out on the Ledge... An Olsen Twin relative gets an indie... the Miramax sale is possibly still on course... and more ahead.

· These two love it when a plan comes together. Liam Neeson will reconnect with The A-Team director Joe Carnahan for The Grey. Neeson's set to play a man who must survive with his "oil-drilling team" after their plane crashes in the Alaskan wilderness. Hint: Deadly, blood-thirsty wolves. Fellow A-Team co-star Bradley Cooper was originally slated for the lead, but he bowed out, presumably because of a fear of wolves. [THR/Heat Vision]

· Can't... help... myself: Here comes the hotstepper! Former Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell has reportedly been cast opposite Sam Worthington and Anthony Mackie in Man on a Ledge, the Stateside directorial debut by Asger Leth. Try not choking on the premise, though. Take it away, Deadline: "Worthington plays a cop thrown in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Let out for his father's funeral, he escapes and ends up on a hotel ledge threatening to kill himself. Bell plays his brother, who happens to be planning a heist of a jewelry store across the street while the cop threatens suicide. Mackie would play the disgraced cop's ex-partner." Assume Mackie's character is the bad guy and Bell's character redeems himself by saving the day. [Deadline]

· Did you know the Olsen Twins had a sister named Elizabeth? Me neither! But here she is co-starring in an indie drama with Hugh Dancy. Martha Marcy May Marlene will feature Elizabeth Olsen as an escaped cult member living with her sister (Sarah Paulson) and her sister's husband (Dancy). It's about time someone in the Olsen family caught a break. [THR]

· Remember yesterday when you read about the Miramax sale going belly up? Not so fast, says Ron Tutor and Colony Financing. In a statement, Tutor said that "all of the equity required to complete the purchase of Miramax" was committed and that "reports suggesting otherwise are incorrect." He hopes to have the sale finalized by year end. Holding breath... now. [Variety]

· Final Destination 5 -- which will always be 5nal Destination around these parts -- has found a female lead! It's Emma Bell, whom you never saw in Frozen and who will appear in the upcoming AMC series The Walking Dead. 5tastic! [THR/Heat Vision]

· Newmarket will open Peter Weir's prison escape drama, The Way Back on Jan. 21. The film premieres this weekend at Telluride. [Variety]

· I don't know what Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer is, but it stars Urkel. That is all. [Variety]